About Us

Our Story

How many of us remember the days when you were a child full of ambition, creativity, adventure and a never-ending desire to enjoy all that life has to offer?

How many of you remember failing over and over and over but working at it until you made what seemed impossible, possible?

Tropical Running Company wants to take you back to those days whereas an adult you can reconnect with your inner child. Take you back to a mentality that your goals, your ideas, your vision and desires are only one decision away from becoming a reality.

Whether it’s getting off the couch and walking around the block or planning that destination race you’ve always wanted to run or dropping that weight you’ve told yourself that you were determined to do…Tropical Running Company is dedicated to providing apparel that helps bring out your inner child.

Our focus is to inspire those who interact with our brand who will then inspire those they come in contact with. There are many of us just waiting for someone or something to come along and inspire them. #RunInspired

The decision is yours. Join the TRC Family today and start your journey!

Our Mission

Whether you are running on the beach or hitting the streets, Tropical Running Company is committed to helping you achieve your goals in comfort and style.

Our Vision

Our Vision: Inspire those who interact with our brand, who will then inspire those they come in contact with. We are committed to inspiring a new generation to live with a mentality that anything is possible in life with the right attitude, commitment and passion toward achieving the impossible. #RunInspired

Magic is Believing in Yourself,
If you can do that,
You can make anything happen